Knowing the location of existing milkweed stands will help Missourians for Monarchs, N&G plan where to concentrate on planting additional milkweed.

Using the form at the right, please give us information on any milkweed you know about using one submission for each plot.  It can be on your property, along roadsides, highways, in cities or towns, on public property or on rural property.  (If you are not in one of the Mid-Missouri counties, click "Other" in the County field, and we will forward your information to the appropriate region.)

When you are finished entering information on the form, scroll down and hit "SUBMIT".  Thank you for helping.

We will not trespass a submitted site without invitation by the property owner.  We merely want to determine the need for additional plants by taking inventory of what already exists.

Additionally, if you are interested in working with a Missouri Master Naturalist Chapter, Master Gardener Club  or Federated Garden Club to help plant new Pollinator habitat, please let us know by using the form to the right.  We'll try to help you make a connection.

Remember, helping Monarchs helps ALL Pollinators.

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